Sunday, September 17, 2006


Springtown Wild West Festival and BBQ Cookoff

This was my first non-LSBS cookoff, and ICBA sanction cookoff. They had 38 teams enter which was up from 18 last year. A nice increase for the promoter. I found no real difference between LSBS and ICBA to tell the truth. The rules were the same and I saw several cooks that I have seen in LSBS events. Along with the cookoff there was a parade of locals and a craft fair on the square. The weather had finally cooled off, some anyway. I cooked the standard meats, chicken, ribs and brisket along with the jackpot pinto beans. I made the finals table with my beans and chicken but did not place. Brisket was a wash. I'm not sure what's going on in my brisket cooking. I thought this was one of the best products I've made. I guess the judges thought otherwise or the competition was really good. I did taste the first and second place winners and I must say they were very good indeed. My highlight of the day was a 7th place finish in ribs.

Seventh out of 38 isn't a bad showing and I was happy with it. Given the number of teams it was my highest finish of the year. This event marks the end of my "rookie" year cooking in competition. My next cookoff will be in Keller where it all started. I feel I've made some progress and I'm looking for some higher finishes next year.

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