Saturday, January 13, 2007


LSBS COTY Cookoff, Fairfield TX

This was the annual LSBS Cooker of the Year cookoff. I turned out to be a cold and very wet weekend. Only 22 teams braved the weather. We were fortunate though that there were metal sheds used for the local flea market on the grounds. Some of us pushed our pits under the sheds and we were able to keep mostly dry. Without some cover it would have been impossible and unbearable to cook. The sheds also had electricity so we had lighting and power for heaters etc.

The cooker of the year honor was given to Harvey Gebhard for the second consecutive year. He finished way ahead of the pack with 236 points. His closest competitor had 97 points. The cookoff had 4 entries, chicken, spare ribs, pork butt and brisket. I finished with two 4th places in spare ribs and pork butt. I also made the finals table in chicken and brisket. The top honors went to, you guessed it, Harvey Gebhard. Looks like the favorite for the 2007 COTY without a doubt.

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