Sunday, April 01, 2007


Irving Knights of Columbus Cook-off

OK.... I'm now officially in a slump. It's the dog days of BBQ cooking. This was my second cook in a row without a call. I was mildly bummed but I shall press onward.

The weather was really bad on Friday night. Torrential rains swept through dumped inches water on us all. At one point I stepped out of my motor home and found myself standing in about six inches of water. Fortunately there wasn't any bad winds or tornadoes. By Saturday morning, the bad weather had passed and it turned out to be a nice day.

I was hanging with the usual cast of characters, Robert, Dale, Tony and Sheila. Eric and Melissa came over Saturday to cheer everyone on. Despite my lack of success, the group did very well. Robert, a.k.a. Smokin Waters, a.k.a. Picnic Stick, placed first in ribs and second in brisket. It was good enough for him to receive the Grand Champion trophy. Congrats to Robert! Tony, a.k.a. Grillas in the Pits, placed second to Robert in ribs and 9th in chicken. I believe it was his first two calls so congrats to Tony! Another honorable mention was Brian, the Keller Steeler who got three 7th calls in his first IBCA event.

For me, I'll continue to work on my new smoker and hope for better luck next time in Terrell.

p.s. The dog belonged to someone in the area but took a liking to the cooks. I wonder why. Robert still owes me ten bucks because it was a Mastiff!

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